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St. Michael the Archangel. Photo from Google images

By: Rev. Fr. John Jonah Orat

Of course we know that in every sin we commit, the Devil is present. Just behind you.

And now, all over the world as we can see more and more people are proud that they do not believe in God. There are now so many centers of sinfulness and corruption. Immorality and indecency seems to be the new normal.

Anti-life and pro-abortion advocates. So convincing! A distant relative of mine residing abroad, declared in front of so many, “Is this not good, Father, that you can enjoy sex without commitments and without being afraid of having a baby?” And she comes from a very Catholic family.

The malevolent forces are rejoicing. There are priests who have doubts about their vocation, or at least believe that they can go around the teachings of Christ and get away with it.

We are engaged in a fierce spiritual battle where the devil seeks our total destruction.

In the time of Corona, our spiritual lifelines are being cut off.

We cannot go to Church thus we cannot attend Mass, therefore, no communion

We can not avail of sacramental confession, therefore, no sacramental absolution.

No more Eucharistic or patronal processions where large numbers of people follow, not even mobile ones where nobody is allowed to follow.

No novenas or devotions to the saints. No fiestas. “No bayle sa tibook kalibutan. No rayna, rayna. No wakes. No vigils.

No pastoral council meetings. No pastoral thrust seminars. No chapel visita pastoral. No classes, no catechism classes, no first communion celebrations.

Liturgical and other religious celebrations are done only through the radio, TV or internet.

Demons are having a field day.

We have been made vulnerable physically, so that we can be attacked spiritually. Where is God? Where is the Church? And where are the priests?

God has been arrested. He has been put in prison, scourged and crowned with thorns. He is like a lamb led to the slaughter. It is not time for us to leave his side, but many have just done that without qualms, without even looking back. We know what is going on. Jesus Christ is being persecuted once again. Subtly, oh, so subtly, in his people.

“Repent if you do not want the terrifying punishment of God to befall on you,” Jonah the prophet exhorted. The people listened. They knew their sins, and they knew what evil in the sight of God they have done. They knew that God knew. And they repented. Putting sack cloth and pouring ashes on their foreheads. How they repented! Even their animals were made to wear sack cloth. Read it. It’s in the Bible.

The big question is are we repenting? With so many people all over the world dead and dying because of this trial by blood and fire, are we repenting?

If you are anti-Mary, anti- Church, anti-Eucharist and anti-prayer, you have been influenced by the devil, explains a priest, renowned for his ability to read souls. This is very clear.

Mary is the one and only woman loved by Jesus Christ in a special and singular way that only he can love and nobody else can: the love of a divine Son to a human mother.

The Catholic Church is the one and only Church founded by Christ. It is the “World-in-Jesus-Christ” which the gates of hell cannot prevail against. Built by Jesus Christ with his unsurpassable power. Outside this Church is the world without Christ. A world without the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Eucharist is our obedience to the commandment of our Lord to do in his memory so that we can eat his Body and Drink his Blood. As a Born Again Christian Steven Ray who became a Catholic, explains, “This is found in the Bible.” But he also categorically states, “Accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and you are saved,” is not found in the Bible. And so I tried looking for it in the Bible. It is not there.

St. Padre Pio and St. John Mary Vianney were brutalized by demons because they were very powerful instruments of God in the conversion of sinners thru the Sacrament of Confession. They intensified their own fasting, prayer and attentiveness to souls. So the demons, powerless, left and never returned.

All of us are under attack. 80 priests have already died in northern Italy because of the Corona virus. Not counting the nuns. In one monastery, all the friars were positive of the corona virus. Nobody is left unscathed.

Listen to your spiritual leaders. Do spiritual exercises. Ask forgiveness for your sins. Resolve to change your life and serve God. Priests are detached from their people and people are detached from their priests. Innovate. Bring God in the midst of your homes. Connect with your Church thru the radio, tv and the internet. Let us together fight this war, physical and spiritual.

The Blessed Virgin and all the saints in heaven are watching over us. Struggling. Suffering. Dying. They suffer with us during this time of persecution and oppression. The enemy has become very intense in his attacks and very ferocious in his designs.

God in his love, mercy and compassion sent his only Son so that everyone who will believe in him will not perish but will have eternal life. Yes, we believe Lord. Not persecution, trial, the sword, death, not even the Corona virus can separate us from your love, Lord.

“If you will, take this cup away from me, this cup of suffering, but, Father, not my will be done but thine.”

In the time of Corona, we are fighting for our physical lives and we are also fighting for our spiritual lives. But in the end, God will always come out victorious.

“Lord, forgive our sins and heal our broken land.”

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