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The Lungsoranon was established on September 19, 1934 when its first issue was published. It was composed of three sections: Cebuano, Spanish and English. The first editor-in-chief was Fr. Bartolome Cortes who took charge of editing the Cebuano and Spanish sections, and a lawyer, Atty. Fermin Yap, was the editor of the English section. Fr. Manuel Yap, who was an excellent writer in his own right and first to translate the Bible to Cebuano and later on became the bishop of Bacolod, was the first manager of Lungsoranon. Its first office was located at the old convent of the Cathedral which is now the Cebu Archdiocesan Heritage Museum.

In the first issue, Msgr. Gabriel M. Reyes made clear the goal of the Catholic news gazette for Cebu and Bohol (at the time, Bohol was still under the ecclesiastical province of Cebu). According to him, there is a need for the church to have a newsletter that can present in an official manner the different activities of the church and clergy of Cebu while looking after, and striving for, the welfare of the Catholic faith.

Since then, Lungsoranon has served its purpose for years although there have been times when its circulation had to stop due to circumstances beyond control like the World War II in 1941 and in the beginning of 1980s. Upon its return in 1987 it was given a new name – Ang Bag-ong Lungsoranon.

After Fr. Cortes, it was Fr. Diosdado Camomot who served as editor in 1937 until the onset of the war in 1941. Circulation started again in 1952 during the time of Archbishop Julio Rosales with Fr. Camomot still as the editor. He was assisted by a young priest, Fr. Cesar Alcoseba who would serve in Lungsoranon until his old age, making him one of the longest serving editors of Lungsoranon.

In 1953, Atty. Napoleon Rama was appointed editor and the newsletter was made into a bilingual: Cebuano and English. During this time, Fr. Sergio Alfafara helped and also another lawyer, Atty. Mario Ortiz, and Florentino Gutang. Atty. Rama eventually became a publisher of a national daily in Manila, while Atty. Ortiz became a mayor of Cebu. In 1956, Fr. Alcoseba returned as the editor and this time included in the staff were Fr. Mariano Gaviola (also became a bishop), Fr. Jorge Kintanar and Fr. Felino Caballa (he became a rector of San Carlos Seminary College). In 1960, Fr. Bienvenido Tudtud became the editor who also eventually became a bishop.

In 1968 Fr. Pastor Ybañez became the editor and it was during this time that another enduring contributor of Lungsoranon started to serve – Bro. Socrates Fernandez, Cebu’s renowned Catholic faith defender who also became a mayor of Talisay City.

It was in 1977 when Msgr. Jose Alojipan took turn as the editor and manager. He was assisted by Msgr. Alcoseba and Bro. Fernandez. Lungsoranon stopped in the beginning in the 80s but returned in 1984 as a fortnightly publication. At the time, it was Msgr. Virgilio Yap who was the editor assisted by Msgr. Rodolfo Villanueva and Msgr. Achilles Dakay. Even though it did not last for long and had to stop again, Lungsoranon had a chance to publish in a wider leaf significant events of the Archdiocese around this time: the appointment of Archbishop Ricardo Vidal as cardinal and the 4th Diocesan Synod of Cebu in 1985.

Upon Cardinal Vidal’s encouragement, Lungsoranon operated again in 1987 in order to help disseminate information about the laws and provisions of the synod and to enhance the Catholic presence in Cebu. It was Archbishop Manuel Salvador who worked much to put into order the operations of Bag-ong Lungsoranon. He was assisted by Fr. Marion Mejia as editor and Msgr. Cristobal Garcia as manager. In 1991, Msgr. Pastor Ybañez returned as editor up until his death in 1995. He was then replaced by Msgr. Marnell S. Mejia who served as editor until 2018.

From ‘Niining ika-75 nga sumad: dyutayng pagpakli sa mga panid,’ an article written by Msgr. Marnel Mejia in celebration of the 75th anniversary of Bag-ong Lungsoranon, September 2009

Trans. by: Fr. Philip D. Pepito

Bag-ong Lungsoranon news range

  • Statements, documents, teachings and events of the Archdiocese of Cebu
  • Statements, documents, teachings and events of the Holy Father and the Vatican
  • Collegial statements, interventions, teachings, programs and events of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP)
  • Programs and activities of diocesan commissions, religious congregations, basic ecclesial communities, and other lay-organizations in Cebu
  • Social issues of local and national scale that have significant impact on the lives of the faithful
  • News worthy stories about the Christian faith, community and the whole Church.


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