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A depiction of the Ark of Covenant said to have been built by Moses as instructed by God (Book of Exodus). Photo from Google images.

By: Bro. Socrates Fernandez (Catholic Faith Defender)

N.C. – Non Catholic
Socrates Fernandez

True belivers, likewise obedient also to the commandments of God. Catholics defy this God’s command: “You shall not make graven images of anything. You shall not bow nor worship them.” (Ex. 20:3-4). Catholics have so many graven images of Saints, i.e. of Santo Niño, Virgin Mary Sacred Heart of Jesus, etc. Their novena states, “We worship your image Oh, Sto. Niño.”

God cannot commit sin (Deut. 32:4). He ordered Moses to make graven images of angels, human beings and even a lion (symbol of Christ, Rev. 5:5). (Ex. 25:18-22) They were installed in the Temple of God (Ezeq. 41:18-22). And the symbol of Christ, the staff of Jacob, by faith Jacob adored the top of his Rod (staff).” (Heb. 11:21) In the Old Testament, God commanded, “Reverence my sanctuary” (Rev. 19:30 Douai Version). Reverence as one of the acts given to serve or worship, “Let us serve, pleasing to God, with fear and reverence.” (Heb. 12:28).

You are mistaken. Sanctuary was a Holy Tabernacle which bears the presence of God not images.

The Holy Tabernacle, yes bears the presence of God. But God also said, “I will put my presence in the images of Cherubim or angels,” (1 Chronicle 13:16). This act of Reverence aims God and the holy images of angels were also His footstool, the images of the Cherubim. When we honor God on the altar, we include to honor His holy altar.

As we adore (Latria in Greek) to God, thus we also respect or venerate (Dulia in Greek) the saints and holy images.

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