The Official Newsletter of the Archdiocese of Cebu, Philippines


The gymnasium of Sacred Heart School for Boys, to be used as a Bayanihan Cebu Field Center for COVID19 patients. Photo by Bayanihan Cebu.

The Archdiocese of Cebu has allied itself to a number of generous people in its effort to help stem the effect of COVID19 which has claimed lives in Cebu, in other cities and the world.

The Department of Health Region VII, Office of the Presidential Assistant for the Visayas (OPAV), the Regional Development Council VII (RDC-7) and a number of medical doctors have helped a lot to establish the ‘Bayanihan Cebu Field Centers (BCFC). These centers will help decongest the bulk of people who have shown symptoms in hospitals, especially those who do not need immediate medical attention. The BCFC will be used as a communal quarantine facility and may give shelter to those who have symptoms or have been exposed to people tested positive for COVID19. In this way, the hospitals in the city will be able to focus more on those who are in need of immediate medical attention or in critical stage.

As a way of helping the national and local authorities’ effort to solve COVID19, Archbishop Jose S. Palma has opened the International Eucharistic Congress Center located in Barangay Luz, at the back of Landers Superstore, as one venue for the BCFC. The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) has also offered the use of the school gymnasium in Sacred Heart School for Boys as another BCFC facility.

As of now, the BCFC project has gathered 500 folding beds, 201 mattresses, 504 blankets, 404 bed sheets, 64 pillows and some other necessities donated by various donors here in Cebu. All these are stored in San Carlos Seminary College which serves as a storehouse for donations for the project.

The Bayanihan Cebu is not only concerned with helping those who are infected by COVID19, but also those who are taking care of those who are sick – the front liners. The team has been giving food to medical volunteers and patients alike every day.

According to Fr. Charles Jayme, director of the Relief and Rehabilitation Unit of Caritas Cebu, it’s quite clear that this project is too difficult to be handled by a few people only with limited resources. Thus, everyone is encouraged to help in whatever practical means possible without jeopardizing the installed protocols to avoid the spreading of the virus. The Bayanihan Cebu welcomes all kinds of donation. Moreover, the group would also be very happy to have nursing graduates (registered or not) as medical volunteers.

For those who are ready and willing to serve as volunteers for Bayanihan Cebu, you may call 09560096567 or send an email to For donations, you may contact 09560096606 or email at

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